Calm on the raging sea

got a revelation, and amazed.

I realize I'm trying to keep my peace by avoiding busyness. Or put in another way, I thought I could only keep my peace if I can avoid busyness. But God showed me something more inspiring.

He said to me, I have to learn how to keep my cool, keep the calm and peace at heart DURING busyness. Coz there are two things which make you feel like out of control: busyness and tiredness. He said, I have to have more Faith during these times; then I can overcome it with Him.

I can then keep working with Him when i'm busy and tired. I can even experience His mighty power during these times – when I'm physically weak, His strength shows.

This is exactly what happened on that raging sea Peter and the disciples shouted out to our Lord Jesus.

And when I think of how level-headed and serene He is during His busyness and tiredness, I'm exactly looking upon a hero! He is such a hero. He keeps me in awe, He is amazing.


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