The story behind Gangnam style

Another encouraging story:) so good, and it's amazing coz…the stories keep coming…

At 19, he blew all his MBA tuition funds on musical instruments, gave up his degree, went against his father's wish and started his dream journey. He persevered with his sarcastic crude way of music. He married at 29, with twin daughters born a year later. At 35, he finally came up with Gangnam style and got his art widely accepted. His father's company got 300% increase of profit because of his son's fame.

16 years to rise to fame, he lived for his dream along with less than bearable trials and challenges. addicted to marijuana, missed his grandfather's funeral, being mocked by his family, being sued, went broke…and today, he's still a happy guy following his dream

“When you trip in life, make it part of the dance”

Behind every of the successes, is a real life story of passion and perseverance:) Gangnam style..what a surprising good story of a brave dream achiever.


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