Script but the Story

i did enjoy the oscars this year….Seth macfarlene…crude, far from decent yet entertaining and human, i like how honest he is…the visuals+music is so good to my eyes and ears. the whole thing's like magic, but it actually is by the indistinguishable passion, laser focus and enormous effort of everyone far from the product is finished. i so love the effort they put in, you feel that intense passion and belief they had.

''the most important thing is the story, not the script.'' love this…

there is no shortcut to greatness indeed. when you love the thing you do, you are willing to die for it. – saw a great video from Will Smith. ''when both of us get on the treadmill, i don't care if you are more talented than me, or you might be smarter than me, 2 things would happen: you get off first, or i'll die on it.''

how intense that is. that is the thing!


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