Fixed eyes

Today Pastor Randy talked about how Paul and Silas praised God, prayed and sang hymns in the prison cell after they casted out a Spirit from a girl on their way of missionary work. how the chains were broken, the jail gate was wide opened and how the jailer was blessed with the opportunity to believe in God.

It is all about their attitude and heart – they kept their eyes fixed on God, praising Him for who He is and about His character. Nothing else. Pastor Randy said God feel like home in the midst of man's Praise – this is what all the angels do up there in the heaven. So true. I now just so understand the verse – when there are two or more believers praying to God, He will dwell among them. This is His character – He is right there among the prayers – like air filling up the void.

This beats your circumstances. Coz when you trust that God can help you to achieve the dream He has put in you, you fix your eyes on Him and you ignore the odds against you.

Praising Him actually gives us His inexhaustible power – this is how we draw on His strength. He freely gives this to us. Whenever we call out on Him, He is right there to guide us and lead us.

Get extremely focus.

Focus on the destination, focus on Him.

Nothing can beat this.


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