God’s backstage pass

so encouraged and blessed to be at the sharing lunch yesterday:)

''God's not seeking your ability, but your availability to Him. He will provide the ability when you are willing. He will make you the channel of Him when you are willing.'' – Alvin.

''He will provide the strength you need to finish the work He called you to do.'' – Justin Hwa

''We are like having a glimpse of God's backstage, like we have His backstage pass.'' Jeannie C C Wong

''When you serve, you indirectly help people grow; and God help you grow.'' Pastor Randal Young

''We pray with our genuine heart for each of the person who came up to the prayer point seeking a prayer. We learnt to care for that person for God.'' (:( i couldn't catch the name of our prayer team lady)

It is a huge blessing, humbling blessing to have the glimpse of God's backstage. We know more about Him, His kindness and mercy to us when we are there, undeserved.

thankful for God's encouragement thru dear bro/sis fighting for the battlefield together..<3 thankful for the lovely gathering time

''When someone has been given much, much will be required in return; and when someone has been entrusted with much, even more will be required.'' Luke 12:48

i'm ready for more and to step further!


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