Family and food

A woman who cooks hearty food with her patience and kindness is such an indispensable blessing to her children, grandchildren and the entire family ❤ she learnt it, then perfected it, and passed it to her daughters. she created that beautiful memory of home, tastes and good-will which lasts for a lifetime..I wanna become one someday. that is beautiful. mum's food is always the best, can never be replaced. such woman is a gem on her man's crown.

inspired by the food guide on natgeo again. the gypsy women sang to their food while they're making dishes for their family. so much love and joy in it. made me remember how dear grandmas prepared their most traditional turnip cakes or hakka candies in their own bare hands with that patience and love; when i watched them aside as a little child. that taste is forever the warmest. that's a disappearing art of love.


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