Fun second day of CNY

finally got visited the Cinemaque in Yaumatei! Such a lovely place ๐Ÿ™‚

Saw a non-mainstream movie called Robot and Frank.

about the movie: i think it did a good job to contrast the new and old – the tech, the music, the way of communication. and it attempted to bring the theme out – nothing can replace human connection. The scene set in a sci-fi futuristic New York. The lead actor Frank has dementia, so his son sent him a robot to help him out. Frank don't remember stuff, but he craves for a goal in life and friendship. He developed a bond with the robot gradually. They did crime together – something made Frank feel the pride of his old days (he was a professional burglar and missed the childhood of his son). And at the end, he has to delete the robot's memory to keep him from being jailed but he got a chance to make up with his son. His son put him back to an elderly home and visited him often as they made up. The theme was a bit weak because the script was too ambitious and divergent. But the little humours throughout the movie scored well. At least the movie was enjoyable ๐Ÿ™‚

Then we got a great dinner, fireworks and desserts.

the fireworks live made me feel so blessed to be in this's like a nice trigger to lead me think about how privileged i'm to live and dwell in this city – i can't believe people can pour money to make such beautiful and wonderful things to celebrate new years, to share the joy and fun in this big way. the full sky was the merry and colourful pattern of lights. everyone's amazed and happy on their way back home, warm and cozy in our nice clothes and wealthy pockets. such a big contrast to Cambodia, where i believe that would be instead a quiet moment shared with the abundant stars in the sky.

Such a good day, so thankful ๐Ÿ™‚


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