Blessedness of Nothingness

Thankful for the sharing night of the Cambodia trip ❤ i'm so touched..when it was my turn, i was mumbling a vague idea in my head…now it gets a bit clear:p

I wrote about the trip before as the Power of Humility. I guess on top of that, i witnessed and further tasted the blessedness of nothingness in Cambodia. it's like one day it was so impressed in my heart when i went home on the road, the streetlights went out. Suddenly, the stars and the moon were so bright shining down on me, i can see them so clear, peaceful and beautiful ❤

When we have nothing, like a child or like a person who lost all his belonging..or don't have much; we see Him so clear. it is not because we have nothing, so we need Him; it's because we have nothing, we can see Him. We all need Him no matter how much we have, every minute and second – He is our Saviour, truth, hope, peace and love. once you've tasted that sweetness, you would never need to have lots of material pampers anymore – cause there is nothing that can compare.

I prayed that I can see more of Him learn more of His greatness before the trip. He so gently and lovingly gave me the obvious key to open every lock in front of me:p

''Blessed are the ones who have a pure heart, for they will see God.'' Matt 5:8

Eventually, we see Him, everywhere. even in the most mundane, most annoying, most difficult situation; we see His presence ❤

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