Prayer Rally?

I'm really sad to see a Chinese congregation decided to initiate an assembly of protest against the Gay discrimination Law establishment yesterday. I don't agree with what they did totally. Firstly this act is controversial for Church to get involved in Politics. Second, this is a wrong way of confronting the world.

Bible teaches us to confront with our brothers and sisters in love, but to love the world. My evangelistic principle is always – Do something before you speak. To bring the truth to others, you have to do something for them before you earn the right to speak to them. The Word is meant to be acted out, not just to speak out. Preaching is for Christ's body, not the world. To the world, we testify with our actions. Chinese churches don't understand this, which is precisely demonstrated by our Christ Jesus. He walked on the Earth to show the world God Father's words. He performed healing to them, before He tried to speak to them. He speaks through His actions.

I love my brothers and sisters. but I really can't agree with what they did in this occasion. This brings division in society rather than peace, triggers more negative response than positive. A discrimination law is not a definition of right or wrong. Everyone should be treated equally anyway. We can accept different views, while stand firm as Christ's church.

If the world meant to persecute the church by establishing a law, let them do it. We can only show the world we love them through hardship, forebearing and perseverance. God's truth remains.


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