Power of humility

Back from Cambodia and saw God's glory in a very interesting way. Like Rev Tong said in his seminars, God's glory is not always an explosive expression of power and miraculous signs as we saw in the early church era. God's glory is actually a very subtle, infiltrating and long-lasting expression of His love and power to change the hearts of persons.

That started from the day He was born like a human with ordinary looks in a manger. Poor, unglamorous and far from being renowned; yet He was a secret target of the king's intelligence agency. He didn't pronounce His name loudly or deliberately make Himself known by going against the authorities; yet He changed lives of many and people followed Him naturally.

He is gentle to souls, but forceful against sins; with limitation and temptations as a human, He overcame with incredible humility towards God. Humility is the key to bringing God's glory to a place. It comes just so naturally, as long as you can be humble to God.

People in Cambodia is humble, although many don't know God. They don't claim special privileges and they know how to be content with life. I see that in the drivers of our vans and the Tuk Tuks, in the servants at our Hotel, in every restaurants we enjoyed, in every shops we visited, in every streets we walked by and in every place we have been to. Their hearts are so ready to receive the good news. I can see why God loves them, because they have the humility of a child's heart. They are ready to receive help, with gratitude and joy. They know that they need help.

City people are masked by a veil of pride and self-sufficiency. We acknowledge our abilities to support our lives and we are too good at meeting the false needs of our flesh. We forget what we truly needs – when we were a child. We lost our humility because we refuse to receive help.

I can see why it is even more challenging to do gospel work in a city, then in a remote village. Riches are far away from God – which Christ has foretold in Scripture when He asked a rich young man to give up his wealth to the poor and simply follow Him.

People in Cambodia, or born in a remote village far from material supplies are actually greatly blessed by God with their purity and innocence. Without the riches, they are able to taste the true joy; like without all those fancy seasonings, you are able to taste the sweetness of your fresh food. Raw food are good for your health, as a raw living style is good for your spiritual health. I concur what Katie Davis said in her book – she reasoned why she want to leave her 'normal' life for the dangerous and uncertain Uganda, as she would rather live a life with an alert Spirit than a complacent one.

God loves them deeply. Their whole persons are filled with God's glory – the peace, joy and love, overflowing to us the visitors. I am so blessed by just spending a week of time with them. I am just so joyful by just being near to them.

I understand why God chose to show His Glory in this subtle but powerful way – this is an expression of forebearing and patience to the sufferings enabled by His unconditional love – which the Devil would never be able to do. While the explosive expression of power and miraculous signs are more easily performed by the fallen angel, for a wrong cause. Long-term sufferings are guaranteed in God's work, but the suffering also comes with the unspeakable joy, fulfillment and peace in our hearts.

Apart from learning how to pray for His beloved people and ministry in Cambodia, this is probably what I most deeply experienced from the trip – the power of humility and patience to suffering. 


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