Day before Cambodia Mission Trip

I realize time is never enough to prepare for a trip, especially the day before the trip. It IS always jam packed…i know actually God has planned sufficient provision, but I just fuss.

I actually don't expect too much from the trip or I don't wanna add my own expectation on top of what God is gonna show us. But I do hope I will be well-prepared for the serving that will be done there.

There would be some unnecessary things or trivial things to deal with, I hope that I won't put those at focus but focus solely on our Lord. May the people in Cambodia be blessed through our service and visits.

I trust that God has everything in place. and I really need a humble heart, to follow His lead and keep the sense of gratitude throughout the trip. Knowing that this is a gift from Him, for this Christmas in 2012.

''You must be able to say, 'I would rather be a great sergeant than a poor
general.' Only when you've followed well, can you lead well.'' UCB word for today, 7/12. that's so true. This is exactly what He wants me to understand and learn.

''Humble yourselves in the presence of the Lord, and He will lift you up.'' James 4:10

May His name and love be magnified:)


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