Rail to hang onto

Christmas is near:) so I just again watched the Family Man the movie (can't help it)..everytime I watch it, I feel different. Sometimes I feel like 'what? no way the rich and high life is way better than the plain suburb life….' The other time I would feel sorry for the rich guy….like  ''yeah…the plain life is actually much better….''

I was thinking what the sermon was saying this Sunday. With this movie I remember. It's about joy we have after we have been broken by God. That answered me the question why I actually feel more joy in adversity than in stability.

The ultimate joy we can have is to have an undeniable security. Like a rail to hold onto right in front of a cliff.

Riches of this world look like they are capable to provide this security, but in reality they can't by 100%. No one bothers to hear this bullshit I know, but that's just the cold hard but hidden truth. You have to step into that downward spiral in order to notice you got trapped.

Family does better. Genuine relationships are important. but that strong rail that will not fall apart is from above.

Indeed, when you get something; you will lose something.  If you get lots of money and get frigging rich, you will either choose money, or God. Choose the present, or the eternity. You can't help it, you will want to choose money. Coz we all love what we can see. we all love to be proud of ourselves and be flattered by others. But when you choose that, you actually lose the joy you had when you were with God – caring for the poor, being so close to your making ends meet friends and relatives, caring about the third world, about the well-being of the children in malnutrition or

simply the joy you get by sharing YOURSELF with others.

Years pass by and you feel empty – somehow you feel like incomplete, feel like there is a piece of puzzle you can never fill no matter what you buy how much you earn….

You lost that security anchor from above.

Okay yes enough for this heavy topic for now:p

But I found the answer why I feel more joyful after I lost the job security I had – when everything is going smoothly, everything is in stability; the RAIL is unnecessary relatively! Only when you walk till one step away in front of the cliff, you notice how important that RAIL is. And that RAIL is the only completeness i can feel on this entire Earth.

So paradoxical.

Anyway:) I see You clearly, much clearer than before.


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