Save for the best

Realize I slowly got more and more strength to fight against temptations by God's Grace!

Because, I can believe that He has the best plan. Because in Him we have the undying Hope.

He will save the best for us.

Plus, we are here for a cause. We exists not only for ourselves, but for all the people God places around us. We are a part of something bigger.

God, please give me the confidence that I will do everything out of the love for You.

''Love the Lord with all your heart, soul and mind. Second, Love your neighbor as yourself.'' Matt 22:37-39

Only when I live for You, I am living the life you truly planned out for me.

And I will find fulfillment in it.

Lord, may I also pray that You will keep me from being too focused on for the sake of doing work; but forget about what is important. Bring me back on track when I am drifting. May I pray that I will enjoy life and be able to receive the joy you generously give to me.

Echoing all these, Chin Hwa shared about the difficulty of being in transition in care group in the prayer requests time. Herbs just shared something really helpful – that's what we need to go through. there is no shortcut. but there will be blessings along all these.

Gives me the food of thought on my 10k run training and swimming training – everyone went through the same. there is no shortcut. you just have to hang in there and pass through the whole process.

I realize that this is not even about patience…this is just something extremely normal as cold facts. So when the days passed, you are gonna be able to do it. You don't even need to rush it. You just have to walk through it…easy.

When I think like this, I wonder what I dread about…IT WILL HAPPEN. is that just the same as holding the Hope in our hearts? I dread about being too slow…..that somehow means I am not doing it for God too. If I am doing it for God, I will forget about the destination; coz this process itself is already enjoyable!



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