Romantic lifestyle – be close to nature

Heavy rain and troops of Trailwalkers smashed the walking trail for the morning hike So just stay at home cozy. watched a show about Turkish food. It talked about Güllaç and how they make the pastry sheet from cornflour for this dessert.

Just reminded me people are so in touch with the nature back then. They have the wisdom to make hundred types of things from one simple ingredient, how amazing that is. Then another show talked about French dessert and the pastries Louis XIV indulged in. All pastry recipe indeed comes from 18th century or earlier. ALL those beautiful pastries! People are so romantic and lyrical about the food they make. Éclair…they just name their food with things they saw in the nature and associate beautiful imaginations with it. The pomegranate, pistachio and walnuts are gems on the cloud…; the coconut flakes are the fur on the sweet..etc

They are so romantic about the food they make and eat.

They are great crafts of food too. They know their food. People lost this completely in the modern society. They associate their belongings with wrong things (eg. fame, ego, status…etc). Back then you see people associate their belonging to the nature – all comes from the nature – from God Himself. They can sense the food, sense the air, sense the surroundings and be a partner of it. Back then, feasts and sharing of food is about love; now food is all about extravaganza and gimmick (yuck..). It talked about fasting as well. A lady in the show just said fasting simply reminds people food is a gift from the nature. I guess it's from industrial revolution, everything has drastically changed. People are so obsessed with knowledge since the revolution, they lost their human instincts and common sense towards the environment. Knowledge is like a kind of mysterious superstition, only those who have it can earn money without explaining to any others. Craftsmanship and making food in a natural way is totally lost in modern societies. We almost no longer know how to response to our environment properly. After technology has invaded the world, the art of being in direct touch with the environment disappeared. Not the knowledge nor technology's fault though, just that we are WAY TOO obsessed with them.

That somehow echoes with the Bible study we had yesterday, we talked about the Covenant of Rainbow.

The Covenant was made with ALL living creatures, I just realized. ALL, including the environment. Everything will be restored in the new heaven and new earth, as beautiful and perfect as in the Garden of Eden before sin.

The environment is to be treasured. Actually our relationship with the environment can be divine to the point that we enjoy them and work WITH them.

And I came to know what the Rainbow means in Hebrew, thanks Rachel, it symbolizes God hung up its bow. It is a sign of reunion, peace, grace, hope and care from Him.

Such a beautiful picture from heaven.

The nature is just so majestic, yet nurturing to us. Thanks so much to God's care and wonderful plan for the things here on Earth.

To me, to live romantically, is to be in touch with the beautiful nature and dance with it hand-in-hand. Taking it all in, while praising the wonderful qualities of it. Treasure and admire it with our vivid imagination God has uniquely given to us human beings. Gosh, so artistic and great:)



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