Joy by letting go of yourself

I definitely think about myself too much lately. That makes me think of what Brent said in the Philippians Class. He said, we care too much of our reputation and how others think of us.

When we have nothing to lose, we seems fine.

But when there are something at our hands, we especially I, seem to freak out a little..

I honestly still care about how others think of me too much.

If I can think like – okay if i tried my best, I have done what I could with the strength given by God. That already pleased Him anyway. And that's HIS plan for me. So why should I still worry?

I don't know what can make myself happy anyway, why should I worry so much if I have done something in the right way?

I should trust in Him.

If things are going as certain way, trust that God has the best plan out of it 🙂


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