Joy in relationships

I am really thankful to have the Philippians class with Brent.

He brought Joy in Christ to that perfect perspective that can so be applied to our lives.

I feel so encouraged by the reading he shared after our second meet – about joy in relationships. He said, joy is found in the relationships that God has given to us. He put people around us in a way that we might not understand. We would well not able to see why He placed those persons in our lives. But it turns out they are there to strengthen us and fulfill our needs.

'Do not underestimate other people. They may well have strengths that are not immediately apparent to you – strengths that you yourself do not have. Even though you might not initially think of it. You would benefit by linking arms with such people. And if you do link arms with them do not be surprised if you end up receiving more than you give.' – Brent's good friend.

With the learnings today – surrender our plans and even thinking to God, as we have no resources and ability to plan joy, I know that I can enjoy what I have right now!

Life is great:)

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