Cast out the National Ed plan

I am touched.

'What comes from the heart, goes to the heart.'  Samuel Coleridge. Truth is the thing never fade away and shine in the dark like a piece of crown jewel.

Youth is good. They are pure and innocent. Their hearts are burning with fierce fire. They have nothing to lose. They are focused. They are fearless. I never thought of writing about political stuff here….but they teared my eyes. Not coz they are fearless, coz they believe that there is still hope on the earth. Coz they choose not to give up when everyone else does otherwise. It is not about if the Government is right. It is just about them. Their act of sacrifice for the common good is noble.

I don't really think the government will back down in anyways, as they will go for another way to achieve their secret plan on hijacking the mind of their Chinese nationals.

But I am touched by those who believe in hope.


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