Tempted by worldly treasure

I got tempted again. I got a chance to work for my big doctor boss up in QM for a week, so he treated me so well in the office. We got a comfy place, an awesome coffee machine, a decent distance from the microwave and water heater, a brilliant photocopier-printer machine and lots of free great meals with him. I am so pampered.

I thought to just stay there maybe. It will be an easy life. Working for doctors is always awesome, coz they are very generous usually. Working hour is 9-5. I got my eyes so big coz I can't believe that there are 9-5 jobs nowadays.

But then I am not happy afterall.

I like the freedom to go to work whenever I want. I like to walk down the road to a place of creativity. I like the simple way of life as if I am not in this complicated city. City's yearn for prestige just puts me off TOTALLY. Everyone changed, when you have a conflict of interests with them.

and Work without a creative component simply kills me.

Science is great coz you can play with whatever you like, just like being an artist you can try everything out, create something nobody has done. I felt bad though for caring too much about being acknowledged for some work I did. I became interested in the good prestige and further opportunities that those work would bring me. I shouldn't care about that so much but just focus on what God wants me to do – walk in His way and share the gospel. Be a blameless man, walk righteously.

''Who may worship in your sanctuary, Lord? Who may enter your presence on your holy hill? Those who lead blameless lives and do what is right, speaking the truth from sincere hearts.'' Psalm 15:1-2

Thank God for letting me see clearly what I am made for again.

Thank you God for reminding me to have a pure heart.


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