Sunday. I was at work for another overnight in the morning. Stuck with a delayed cargo flight. The crew, who were supposed to stay in the hotel next to the airport. were 35 min late on top of that.

So I was thinking of skipping church for sleep again.

But then I just used the overtime money for taxi to church with comfort (15mins from home!) 🙂 and I am thankful I went.

Today is Pastor Tim’s ordination. So he shared his testimony. I am so thankful to have a chance to listen to testimonies again. It is just spiritually refreshing. Like pouring a bucket of fresh and ice old spring water from the purest mountain on my head. Pleasant and awakening.

I suddenly remembered how I used to share mine and how it was like. so natural and enthusiastic. I lost it, when you are in a same church for too long, nobody is gonna ask how you came to God. I dunno what to do when KK asked us to meet up for some chats about ourselves.

Then God gave a pat on my back.

That is exactly what Pastor Randy had to share today about 2 Tim 4:1-8. I thought it had nothing to do with me to be honest, so I thought of skipping it for sleep. But turned out it does. 2 Tim 4:1, Pastor Randy said this passage opens with the phrase ‘in the presence of God and of Christ’, which is usually the opening of any solemn ceremony like wedding, indicates the following context is of utmost importance to the recipients of the letter. What impressed so much in my head was what Pastor said next about 2 Tim 4:2.

Preach the Word.

He said some invaluable wisdom about sharing God’s word. God’s word is living (Heb 4:12). When we share God’s word, we share it with LIFE – being able to infect other people deeply. We can’t share God by only saying what is in the scripture. We share God by that infectious touch initiated by Him at the first place. This is why testimonies are always infectious. Be prepared. This is how you flood your heart with God’s teachings and is always ready to pour it out on others as blessings. God reminded me how zealous I was and how much faith I had on Him, that I never stopped learning more of Him coz I believed one day I was going to share all those with others. I lost hope upon Him…so I went apathetic. I was not too much of a lazy person, but I went apathetic.

I am just so thankful.

This is what i really needed to hear.


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