More than this

today at frigging work.

on the crew bus.

crew1: argh i wanna find another girlfriend.
crew2: why so?
crew1: the one I am with is really sweet. esp she can cook, and she insists to do the dishes. one day i was like gonna do the dishes, but she yelled,' no no no go sit in front of the tv and crack a beer, go.' but just…you know
crew2: hahaaaha..


in the lift.

security1: sigh i just think my shoes are not enough shiny…
security2: why so?
security1: aiya when i compare mine with my team' know how they do their shoes?…mine sucks la…


c'mon. is life so little for you in wonder? i wish people can sometimes just crack a joke, at least we can all laugh and have some fun..


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