Toil of Overnight Work

Today I faced a dilemma again when office called if I wanna do overtime for tonight's overnight shift. The pay is acceptable. But as I've covered 2 overnight shifts already, my physical condition is far from good. Woke up at 4 something in the afternoon, feeling completely lack of consciousness and mind clarity. Lying on the sofa in a helpless shape, I could barely follow what the narrative was saying in the TV. Couldn't read a single passage of devotion with sound understanding of what it is about. Mood was foul and the soared cortisol made me crave everything I could eat on the table. The whole body and my eyes are expelling the light outside the window, I could only feel a bit comfortable hiding in a shielded room with dim lighting.

Not until 6 something, my mind start to clear up. But the bowel is in complete distress and the head is bombarded by low-level headache. Eyes are dry and sands are at the back of my eyes. I decided not to take the overtime tonight and even cancelled the plans of the evening.

If I did take the overtime shift, it will cost me another day of dread followed by days of an even longer recovery. It took 4 days to recover the previous time. So the money is not worth my effort and more importantly my health.

I chose sleep yay.


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