Split a Big Rock

Today is such a good day:) As usual it is really hard to get out of the comfy bed with little sleep after a night shift. Plus it was pouring rain, very heavy rain and storm around 6-7am. I was like okay…this is another Satan's trick…I was pretty looking forward to the morning coz I could make to the church before the shift. Told myself be strong, so got out of the bed and the sky turned clear:) praise our Lord

God gave me lots of encouragement today. The sermon is in Exodus 2. Pastor Randy said, God uses everything of us. Our accomplishments, our failures, and our waiting. He told a parable that really got me.

''Supposed there is a big rock, and you wanna split it into two. You hit it with your axe for many times, by 99th hit, it still hasn't got a single crack through it. But then you didn't give up and hit the 100th time. Suddenly the crack shows up and the rock slowly split into two pieces. Certainly that 99 times look like failures, but actually those are a part of the progress lead up to the 100th hit. We might not be able to see what is going underneath, but something did happen along.''

Yes, and this is a much better parable to demonstrate failures are part of a success. It shows You can't skip the whole thing because that's exactly a big chunk of the success. A big chunk! 99%. If you think that 100th time is a success, no, but the whole process.

Then he said one more thing about waiting that comforts my heart.

''Moses was a prince, then he basically became nobody in a wilderness. A completely insignificant, humbly living man tried to survive in a desert, for 40 years. You think it's over for him? not so. It was all those things happen to him, prepared him to be the leader of God's beloved people across the Jordan and wilderness into the promise land.''

It gives me such a picture that God is the one who has the complete sovereignty of one's life and all things. And he meant everything for good. Our failures are taken for good when we acknowledge it to God. If we are wronged, no worries, confess our sins, accept His grace and move on.

I met a sister new to the group too:) She shared the same experience as me, failed in a course and now working through to gain a license in the future in Law. I thank my Lord for this! 


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