I just about to start the detox program for the coming month.

I realized this April of night shifts taught me one thing. That it is not always an option for us to avoid being dirty or being contaminated by all sorts of toxins from this world. But the most important thing is we can always detox afterwards.

I spent so much effort in avoiding the night work. But last month's roster was just to an extreme I cannot avoid that by swapping duties anymore. So I was head on to face the challenge. But then God taught me this important wisdom. He said, 'Don't be afraid, I will be with you getting through this and restore you afterwards.'

It is so much a good metaphor of sin in the world. We are not always exempted from dealing with sinfulness in the world, but God has already given us the restoration we need.

What we have to do is take the initiative to get detoxed – repentance. Know and admit that we are wronged and we always need His salvation and cleansing.

🙂 I feel like freed.

Yes, I no longer am afraid of getting messy coz I know I will be restored.

I am ever braver with His strength now.

Praise to my Lord!


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