Passive disobedience

I experience one thing in the past few months. I realize to truly hand your life in God's hands, you have to be a truly you. The YOU that He created before your birth. The YOU that He intended you to be in His massive plan. Not the YOU that other people want you to be, nor the YOU that you want yourself to be. You have to give up following to the cultural norms but His guidance in a very brave way ACTIVELY.

I know this since early days of being a Christian. but knowledge is so different from experience. I experience this truth and how I deviated from the truth. Here I don't mean those obviously evil active disobedience we sometimes do, but a subtle passive disobedience. I realize if you don't actively obey, you disobey without knowing it. This is way too deeply rooted in our sinful nature.

Sometimes you think you are doing okay but you aren't actually, especially when people surrounding you are thinking otherwise. They can influence you in a subtle way, until you realize you got steered away from track, it is a bit late. You didn't even doubt if you did the right thing, you just did it before you realize it. You have to always pray for God's light to see clearly the way ahead, even reading the scripture every day doesn't keep you from stumbling. You need to pray and ask the Spirit to guide you. You have to be enabled by the Spirit. You have to share this burden with other bros and sis in Christ. This is hard and impossible with our own strength, but He is exactly there to free us from the chain.

You have to let go what others think. because this is where the cultural pressure from. You have to walk in no doubts about God's calling. Completely believe that He is right. You rely only on His strength but not your own. He will give everything you need to walk through.

The whole thing is about faith, patience and fellowship.

or ultimately, the whole thing is about obedience. Obedience is an auto-pilot that gives you faith, patience and fellowship.

You trust that He will deliver at the right time. You trust that what He does is good to everyone who loves Him. and You only have eyes on Him, your life is for the Kingdom's cause but nothing else.

He will then provide every other things that you need. He knows what you need to be happy, but you don't.

I realize only complete obedience breeds the true joy.

So, if you feel dissatisfied or empty, you are probably deviated from the right track.


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