Real blood or not?

The sacrament of Eucharist is another central piece of doctrine differs among the denominations. Sometimes I am just annoyed by the fact that people like to make things different for the sake.

To be honest, every time I am in the communion taking the bread and wine, I think as they are the real body and blood of Christ. I simply feel it, with the Holy Spirit. No matter how my denomination as Evangelicals told me that is just a remembrance of Christ's sacrifice, I treat them as the real body and blood of Christ secretly by myself. Holy Spirit is with me, and I felt a strong connection with God during the sacrament.

The only church that treat the Eucharistic bread and wine as real body and blood of Christ is the Orthodox church. They stress so, because they treat the mystical sacrament with fear and faith. No human reasoning was added to it, they simply follow the doctrine passed on from the Apostles – the only bunch of people received the teaching and command of holding Eucharists from our Lord Jesus. As a result, they treat Eucharist very seriously. More serious than any of other denomination in Christianity. That makes me glad, because too many Christians, even the baptized ones take this too lightly. It is just another thing to do in a Sunday service. I feel sad about it, coz it is definitely a holy act with lots of importance in our Faith.

I support this, tho there are no explicit biblical reference as in how you see Eucharist – where it is real or not. But it does command people to perform this sacrament till the day Christ come back to establish the new world.

So I decided although I can't make all others think the same as me, I can do that for God myself.

Should get a deeper look into this.       




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