Sleep debts can be repaid

I do remember someone told me sleep debts can't be repaid…but anyhow


How great is that? and that gives me another reason to frigging sleep in on day-offs.

The shift pattern this month pushed me to wonder about sleep again. To be honest I wonder if I can find a solution to compensate the loss of sleep by means other than sleeping itself. If sleep is a state of the brain which chemicals work together to create certain wavelength patterns, you can create sleep by inducing the brain cells into those sleep waves.

Of course the process is far more complicated, with memory storage assortment and skills consolidation etc etc…

Now I am feeling a bit sleepy again…

Just blabbing:D

The most important thing is i can repay sleeeeeep debts! so that my health won't suffer too much. It is a really good news thankful:)  


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