Easter reflection 2

I totally had a busy Easter this year. Got to go to the Easter vigil and saw the lightning of the Paschal candle this year. Then with very limited sleep, got to work for the first half of the day. I told Lord that I wished I would have a quiet time to meditate on His suffering on the cross would be thankful.

Finally I could at the end of the night. I just felt right to have the time to think about His sacrifice for us in this particular festival.

I still can't really understand the resurrection. I can't fully feel that power. That supposed to be the most powerful second of the world. Maybe this is just a forever mystery to us until we meet Christ again in the new Jerusalem. Or perhaps God will let me know more next Easter. However I realized one thing. that is, amazingly, this most powerful event of the world happened when everyone was asleep. It happened quietly without anyone noticed it. God chose to do this silently. Just as He chose to present Himself in our Christ Jesus being quietly born in a manger, in a poor and humble servant image, in the weak human body. He didn't glorify Himself through loud noises, beautiful outer appearances, nor hailed Himself like a king on the earth. He chose the other way, the better way.

I guess by doing this He let us focus on His love. It's sorta like He helped us to take off our humanly tinted glasses, that what He treasure is invisible to our eyes!

Plus today I read a devotion. saying, just let God perform His plan. Then we will find peace.

The peace, is the ultimate grace He offered to us through Love. The peace that we have with God. The peace that we know our sin is forgiven and we are no longer found guilty in His eyes. The peace that we know He will take charge of all things happen in good ways. The peace in the world that we serve one another with His Love.

The peace is what nothing can compare!

I pray that I can stay in You. coz nothing is better than that.

Thank you so much for this Easter full of grace:)


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