Easter 2012

Holy Friday morning before dawn.

The airport is all quiet. With songs of worship flowing through my earphones.

Went to the Maundy Thursday liturgy before work. That made me treasure more of the worship songs I am listening to. Yes, it was yesterday that our Christ Lord gave us the new commandment of love. That He set us an example by washing every disciples' feet and revealed the meaning of His death by sharing the Last Supper – the first Communion with us.

He is sensational. He astonished everyone and has broken the chain or the iron bars of a prison, set us free. He shook the naive mindset of mankind. He tells us, the God in the highest loves you, that you should love one another in the same way. Serve one another. The Last Supper is a big revelation of the mystery of His ultimate sacrifice. With love, He said, 'This is my body, take and eat; so that you may live. And here is my blood, take and drink, so that you may be cleansed.'' He let Himself be torn, so that we can reunite with God in peace. He shed His blood as a passover lamb, so that our sin can be forgiven and our soul be cleansed. Through the supper He said to us, ''I want all of you to share the most glorious banquet on the same table with me in heaven.'' The whole communion was commenced, from the day before His Holy sacrifice, till the day He comes again. How great is this amazing explanation of the mystery to us!

I thank God for revealing more of the personal meaning of Eucharist to me. I feel more intense. and I feel more thankful with every of the communion to come. I pray to God that when I take the bread and drink the wine in His communion, He will let me feel Him, feel so much more connected to Him ever more really.

The liturgy is an expression of what happened on that old day. while the worship songs going through my ears is the praise we proclaim this present day responding to you for your sacrifice. Suddenly the songs are even more meaningful than ever. Thank you so much for the revelation to me today.

Freedom reigns ever since that day, He chose to sacrifice Himself for us the unworthy sinners.

May the greatest Glory be yours forever, thank you my Lord Christ Jesus. Thank you so much:)


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