Pentacost reflection 11′

the femininity of word root of the holy
spirit fascinates me. i didn't think a lot abt the Spirit as a Protestant
Christian, who tends to keep the focus on Christ n Father God. but it's really an interesting aspect of
trinity we don't have a clear conscience on. too many disputes on this topic.
dunno exactly why, maybe coz no one ever study enough in the

read some of those online, some said the
spirit is the feminine part of the trinity. then coz the femininity has the
ability to generate, it gives rise to the incarnation of Son of God in virgin
Mary. The Spirit is also said in metaphor as Water (drink the spirit), fire
(still kinda fluid-like), Breathe, Atmosphere…etc. pretty much kinda prone to
the side being feminine…

maybe coz it's impossible for all qualities
exist on a same entity…(like if its equal n's gonna cancel out each
other?..) so, God has to be existed in Trinity. Masculine and Feminine are two
opposites that must exist in two different things…crazy:p

Pentecost is the birth of modern church.
then just trigger my thought..that yes the Church is actually of the Spirit. and
the Spirit is the bride or feminine part of God. so the church is the bride
of Christ. n we're the same body as Christ coz we're His feminine part, and He's
the head of the church/bride. Femininity equals to one thing: submissiveness.
We're on the side as the follower, receiver and the keeper when we're as a part
of the church.

So, basically, the church is the Spirit. and
it's function is to keep the Spirit flowing and burning…and the Spirit will be
spread through the gospel, which is Christ Himself…etc..etc..

the Trinity sounds like a family unit, which
explains the divine nature of love in a family on earth. then as we are all born
of the Spirit, we are brothers and sisters. to explain the trinity n the church
as a bride, can't just put them into 'persons'. but rather look at it as the
polarized masculine/feminine parts of God is way better i realize..

i know this is a forever-mystery that we
can't fully understand. but it does give me some insight on the
masculine/feminine role here on earth.

  • The masculine role is to bring food/water to
    the feminine (the house); the feminine is there to distribute/administer the
  • the male is the leader; the female is the
  • the male sets the direction; the female
    determines the atmosphere and spirit of a place.
  • the male is to provide resources; the female
    is to nurture with resources.
  • the male is to give to obtain satisfaction;
    the female is to learn to receive with gladness.
  • the male is to love in pride; the female is
    to respect in awe.
  • the male power is driven n assertive; the
    female power is the peace n submissive. when female is submissive, the quality
    turns them attractive.

Unity of the masculine and feminine is
divine because this represents the unity and the wholesome of the Trinity – the
all-power/capable God. n also after Christ's salvation has done, it represents
God's ultimate acceptance of us, coz we are to be united with God…gosh..this
is just a crazy one. So marriage represents all these plus the unconditional
love of God.

as a female, i guess it's really a good
thing to learn from the way holy Spirit works. tho it gives me another males on earth would hv to learn the feminine way too, coz even
Christ needs to follow God Father. how can they do that, if they are so
masculine? i guess that's part of the reason why they need women..when they can
be manly in front of women n fulfill their need to be manly, they can then
submit themselves to God.

then yet another fascination again. so, that
means if the males on earth hv the holy Spirit, they actually hv both the
masculine AND feminine image of God. so there are no men of women. but as for
women, we do hv no masculine part of God n we are consequently weaker……so we
do need men. so we are women of men. Gosh, maybe now u know how to pray for a
guy…u dun needa pray for a direction for him! God has put the direction
into him when he's born!….u just pray for him for those feminine essence he's
lacking of – eg. peace, rest, quiet time, silence….dun pray for him for
something masculine! eg. power, wisdom, strength…shit, i did sth wrong

God, this is fascinating:) thank You for
this Pentecost teaching!


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