Easter reflection 11′

the veil's torn, the old chain of law
and legalism was made obsolete. the prison was broken. the freedom as in Eden
garden is back as we can see God face to face again. in complete honesty and
forgiveness. the everlasting light is lit again. by grace we

archbishop came to church to give the
sermon on easter day. he mentioned an interesting point about what the angels
proclaimed to the women at the tomb on the resurrection day. 'He's not in the
tomb, for He has risen from dead. Go tell the disciples to meet him in Galilee.'
he linked this to as a reflection for traditional churches, that as Chris and
i talked about the 'old school' stagnancy. he said traditional churches and
fundamentalists sometimes lingered at the tomb or ancient times, haven't really
brought the wisdom and truth to the modern times. not bringing the living water
to the modern deserts. it's sorta like a lost in translation and

the living element and the significance of
resurrection is ignored. im so surprised he said that in a very traditional
setting. but the sermon served as a mindset breakthrough on Easter day – the
spirit of the resurrection mystery.

shit actually i hate myself when im acting
too academic…i hate it…:p

it's interesting..coz i always felt the
impact is bigger on good friday than easter day, archbishop said that's normal.
coz we'll never fully understand the mystery of resurrection. it's beyond our
understanding. we naturally feel the death relates to us more.

i luv good friday more than the easter
day…it's sorta like im just like every other of the disciples, i still do not
fully believe in it, coz it's beyond our understanding. yes we all say we
believe. but when it comes to fully trust him, none of us can.

it is victory, freedom, peace between God
n man, forgiveness and ultimate love. 
im thankful to hv such experience this

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