Good Friday 11′

i luv the idea of bringing a cross freshly
made of the withered branches to the altar.

it made me think, the cross is right there.
Christ is right there. anyone bother to take a look at it? He knows it all. He
knows He's gonna be ignored and abandoned.but He still decided to come, and died on
the cross for us.

who can still say, He comes to judge us? who
can still say, He doesn't love?
He loves
to a depth like that. He wants to set us free from the power of death, replace
it with forgiveness and life.

i like another fact they mentioned and that
i read in the hymn book. it's Father God's suffer of the loss of His son; n
Mary, as a complete human suffered the loss of her son, on a cross, with every
kind of mocking and defamation. i can just imagine how painful Mary was. i sorta
understand why she is given the honour by orthodoxy.

the st john passion by Bach was very moving
too. im so blessed to hv this on Good Friday as a remembrance to

the lyrics are beautiful, to the point u
find u'r like melted in it.

it is so thankful:)

but on the other hand, i just hated
myself…i dun wanna look like im so knowledgeable anymore:( i dunno why….i
just wanna be normal and treated as a girl who needs to be taken care of…can


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