Lent devotion reminders

i can really foresee i'll forget all these

when im in the middle of hassles again. so let's write them down.

When you are confused. always do things for God's glory.

When you are weary. always rmb God's there to refill you with strength coz He provides.

When you face unknowns. always know God has ALREADY arranged everything and see them as good.

When you are waiting. always know patience and trust to God is all you need to endure. Light is guarantee at the end of the tunnel.

When you are persecuted or mistreated. always know God is the one who holds justice and will pay back according to His plan.

When your efforts seem down the drain. always know God saw everything you did and will reward you in His time.

When you worry. always rmb doesn't worth it coz God promised you the light yoke and will lead you to the green pasture.

When you regret. always know He allowed that to happen, for a lesson or for your good. Don't look back, take the message and move ahead. The road is from God and God forgives.

When you are afraid. always rmb God wins all. He is the ultimate controller of all things. No one can harm you.

When you feel unloved. always rmb God never wants you feel that way. Think of those who always love you. They are there for you. Wanting to cheer you up. Missing you.

'all things work together for good to those who love God, who have been called according to his purpose.' Romans 8:28

Live out God's glory with your effort to use the resources He entrusted you.

Then everything will fall into its place.


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