hearts have memory!

my gosh..

brilliant program..Brokenheart Science.

The capability of the heart is reviewed by the medical experts in order to find new ways to treat heart disease.

They link heart to emotion. Negative emotions will enhance disease of the heart.

They link them up with hormones. inflammation will be affected by stress hormone, and thus blood clotting…fine…

And they also talked about electromagetic field of the heart and the brain.

That's probably the most convincing part of the program. electric impulses can easily coded and decoded, the codes are obviously capable of transmitting information between the two organs. and have that said, the heart like the brain, has storage of memory and even a source of personality.

If that's the case, 心靈感應 might probably exist. Magnetic field is by far the strongest source of power to influence the surrounding objects.

Peronality can really be changed then by surrounding yourself with the kind of person you like…if that's the case…


true true

A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones. Proverb 17:22

i kinda prefer the bible instead. straight forward and easy.=p byeeeee science…..


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