Life is to be thankful


when you think you got something, actually,
you don’t. because even when you got it, you can lose it.

Having something in your hands, your job, is
not to keep it.

You job, is to take time to enjoy it, feel
the blessing and learn from it.

You job, is to treasure it.

You job, is to catch every minute of it to
feel it.

That’s it.

No regret, even when it falls

from your hands like sands.

Iife, also..

when you think you can’t get something,
actually, it might not be. because even when you didn’t get it, you might win it
later on.

Haven’t got something in your hands, feel

Give thanks to the things you’ve already
have and hope for the best ahead.

because when the timing is right, it will
come to you.


Life, is to live the present; be thankful
for the past; and be hopeful for the future.


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